Speakers 2023

Mark Georgiev

VP, Currency and Measurement Innovation, Advanced Advertising


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Ryan Gould

Head of Digital Ad Sales

Warner Bros. Discovery

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Abigail Posner

Director, Creative Works


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Kim Kelleher

Chief Commercial Officer

AMC Networks

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Jenny Burke

EVP, Advertising Strategy


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Josh Mattison

SVP, Revenue Management & Operations, Disney Advertising

Disney Advertising

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Adam Markey

Director, Product Management, Ad Platform


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Natalie Gabathuler-Scully

EVP of Revenue, Distribution, & Data Operations


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Amanda Steinmetz

VP, Platforms


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Scott Olechowski

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer


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Ed Gentner

Chief Investment Officer

Canvas Worldwide

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Tim Ware

SVP of Programmatic Sales and Partnerships


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Celeste Castle

EVP, Head of Research and Measurement

Dentsu Media US

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Evan Adlman

EVP Commercial Sales & Revenue Operations

AMC Networks

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Matthew Van Houten

SVP, Product, Ad Ops Systems & Services and Business Development

DirecTV Advertising

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Larry Allen

VP and General Manager, Data & Addressable Enablement

Comcast Advertising

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Suzanne Irving

U.S. Head of Video Investment & Activation


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Stacey Stewart

Chief Marketplace Officer

UM Worldwide

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Key topics 2024

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Our Research Highlights

Will sports help Amazon shake up the video ad market in 2024?

On January 29th, Amazon launched its ad-tier in the US. By automatically converting its Prime Video subscribers, forcing them to pay 3$ more for the ad-free option, Amazon instantaneously became the US streaming giant with the highest number of ad-supported clients, battling for the overall top spot with Hulu, which opted for the same strategy a few years ago. Indeed, we can reasonably assume that at least 65M Prime Video subscribers will decide (voluntarily or not) to stay on the ad-tier proposition. Growing their ad-supported base has become a key objective for the streamers over the last few months, and Netflix’s decisions to phase out its basic tier, and increase the price of remaining ad-free tiers, follow the same goal.

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Welcome to the Bundle Jungle: 3 Trends That Will Shape the OTT Partnerships in 2024

Where do we stand on the Streaming Wars? After years fighting to acquire subscribers, platforms are now focused on the Profitability and Customer Retention Battlefield: but how will Netflix, Prime Video, and others keep differentiating? Content will remain the key topic, but its increasing costs remain a real threat to profitability. Pricing strategies? Yes, ad-tiers were already introduced from 2022 onwards - almost becoming an industry standard. Here is what could drag - and retain - customers: bundles. But as expensive cable bundles contributed to cord-cutting across the 2010s, what type of bundle will appear as the most valuable to the eyes of consumers? Let’s evaluate the trends that will shape the OTT Bundles in 2024.

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